Analytics and Social Media

Analytics provide us with tools to better reach our social media followers and the platforms they use.


The analytics of social media is a great way to measure your strategy success. Analytics by definition is the systematic computational analysis of data or statistics. In social media, it is the practice of gathering data from blogs and social media websites and analyzing the data to make business decisions.

The ways in which Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram differ in their approach to analytics is a rather narrow approach. Facebook measures pages likes, post reach, engagement (shares, reactions, comments) impressions and clicks. They gauge post type, video views, and Facebook referral traffic along with bounce rate.

Twitter measures the analytics with @replies + mentions + re-tweets + likes divided by total impressions.

Instagram uses similar analytics as the others by measuring the top posts, photos sent, videos sent, your followers, a total number of followers, followers gained, hashtags, for likes, comments, engagements per follower and media.

Social media managers use analytics to form an impression of your personal site or of your business site. They want to know if their strategy is working for improving the business for whom they work. If it is working, there should be more engagement or in businesses an increase in sales. If it is not working, then it is time for them to change the strategy.

A business will use analytics to measure their response from posts or tweets and if it is increasing their engagement and revenue. They check to see if the content they’re posting is engaging their target audience and if it calls them to action. If the analytics do not support their strategy then they may change the time of day they post or the content they’re posting.

The content your posting is relevant to the increased numbers for analytics. It will guide you to use the correct platforms of social media. The strategy of using analytics is valuable to anyone seeking to reach more people on social media platforms. A business will set up its expectations ahead of time, and should make them realistic, achievable, and focused. As a journalist, you may change your strategy through the use of analytics to find out when your audience is utilizing social media. Time of day is important and you must consider where your audience may reside. It may be viewed throughout the world in multiple time zones. Increased likes and what do they share or not share with others if valuable to increase your followers. If you don’t see an increase in followers, then change the content you post or the frequency you post.

The most important analytic to measure is the engagement from your followers and the results it provides for you or your company.

One of the most important companies that provide analytic tools is Google. They provide the whole picture of your performance on social media. It offers to you a visual of how people are getting to you and what platform they are using to do it. They measure traffic by social channels.

Analytics are the best method to measure if your goals and strategies are working. They are valid and valuable for the individual or for business. There is definitely an influence by bots, they can spread content like the wind spreads wildfires in California. Overall analytics are very useful tools to interpret your strategies.

A personal way to measure engagement would include an analytic for creating a call to action and then track how well it performs, instead of how far the content reaches. Another way to measure engagement is how much time does someone spend on your page. A valuable part of your strategy should include if your followers are reading all the content you post or is it just a bounce.


The like button for most is a way to show approval to those they follow. Sometimes it’s just polite to “like” the content, after all, they are your friends. You know they want it, need it, desire it and it’s socially acceptable. Most times I have read the content posted by those I follow and genuinely enjoy it. That is why I share and re-tweet their posts, especially if there is a call to action from me. The best way to measure someone’s social attitude is to just ask them. Some people like to hide behind the wall that is social media, but that may not tell their true attitudes. Some social media users may want to be seen as socially acceptable and there is nothing wrong in doing so. Find out more information by just asking a question of the intent of their posts. You can’t always talk face to face, but today you can reach anyone anywhere in the world through social media platforms.