Live Streaming

Live streaming is the ability to share content live from your PC, tablet or phone. Multiple sites are offering this new feature for personal or businesses purposes.

There are many options for live streaming these days. Businesses and organizations at every level are directing more attention and resources to live streaming.  2016 has brought a dramatic increase in live streaming viewership and this is not just a fad, but here to stay. Most platforms such as Facebook, You Tube, Periscope, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin offer free live streaming. There are multiple companies that will give you much more if you’re willing to pay for the subscription to their service.


There are best practices for using Facebook Live or any platform that offers this feature. The first step is asking why you want to send out live images, what is it that you want to offer your audience? Have a plan and make a list of those items that are needed to achieve this goal successfully. To get the most engagement from your followers you should be prepared to broadcast for 30-45 minutes. Have information to share and be prepared to answer questions.

Tell people why you are doing a live streaming event. Showcase your expertise or have an expert handy if you’re unable to handle the tough questions you might encounter. Remind your followers what you plan to provide and keep reminding them every five to ten minutes for those who are joining in after you started.

The logistics of your event should start with a checklist, which should include an extra battery pack, cleaning your lens, a tripod, you want to shut off your push notifications, and check your memory storage. Set your phone to airplane mode, you don’t want any incoming calls while you’re going live.

Scout out a location for your live feed, making sure that it is suitable for your purposes. If it is outside, pay attention to the weather forecast that day also make sure above all that it is safe for you and your crew. If it’s in your home make sure there are no distractions. An annoying meowing cat or barking dog can turn off your viewers from learning something important.

Take a buddy along to monitor your feed with an IPad and respond to those who are joining your livestream. Make sure to acknowledge orally your followers as they post comments or questions. Remember the trolls are everywhere, just do your best to ignore them.

There are certain responsibilities to live streaming and ethical guidelines should be considered before undertaking this event. Be careful of copyright infringement, broadcasting other people’s work or ticketed events is illegal. Consider what content is appropriate for your viewing audience or what content may appear that you don’t always have control over. A few ethical values that most journalists adhere to should be in place before your broadcast. Always be accountable,  be transparent, you should seek the truth and minimize harm to anyone.

The best way to promote a brand, event or cause is to inspire and educate your audience. Give them a call to action to participate in your event or provide good solid information about the brand you are promoting. Every business can benefit from having a strategy to take advantage of the enormous reach from posting videos. Look good, comb your hair, dress professionally, and don’t forget to smile for the camera.

Whether your audience is going to watch you live or wait for the right time to watch and replay your streaming video is changing. Most people want to know what is happening right now and don’t want to wait for important information to finally get to them. The demographics for those who surf the internet looking for content to feed on is an ever increasing number. The public has gotten addicted to current live news feeds from everywhere in the world.

Social media is impossible to ignore these days. It’s everywhere and you can’t go 30 minutes without interacting through social media or watching someone who does. Most people couldn’t go without checking social media for an entire hour. It’s such a huge part of the daily lives of almost every single person in the world.

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