Summer of Fun and Sun

For three months summer break can be the best road trip of your life, soak up the sun and start to have fun.


The academic calendar on the wall is rapidly affecting our way of thinking. It usually is filled with stressors like classes, research papers, and exams. For some, it is the end of all of those important facts once committed to memory to pour out onto a final exam. The semester is coming to an end and thoughts turn to less stressful events in our lives. Fun stuff, like friends back home, going out to parties, endless activities and getting out of your dorm room and into the sun.

It’s time to recharge the depleted brain cells with some activities that require less critical thinking. Get to the beach, sit and relax that’s what one faculty member is doing. Professor Alan Steigelman will be heading to South Carolina for several well-earned weeks of vacation.

“My wife and I are renting a home for three weeks on Kiawah Island, on the coast of South Carolina. Our plan is to ride bicycles around the island, go fishing, swim in the ocean, lay in the sun and generally just forget about school for a while,” Steigelman said.

Kiawah island


Thoughts from several students at QU who are ready for the semester to be over and begin summer break. They are looking forward to a road trip with friends and go where the highway leads them. A road trip is a perfect metaphor for the journey of life traveling free and easy over summer break. Go whichever way the wind blows, stopping just because you can and no one is there to tell you that you can’t. It beats the heck out of classes five days a week.

Some students are taking what they have learned in college on one of the most exciting road trips, a career. They will create a life outside of the four walls of a classroom and begin their journey after graduation. Lydia Cruz, a graduating senior is one of them, she’s excited to be heading back to the coast for wake surfing, sitting in the sun at Safeco Field watching her favorite team play ball and backyard BBQ’s with friends.

wakesurfingSafeco Field

“I’m heading to Seattle to start a new job with 710 ESPN radio, an opportunity I’m ecstatic about. Summer will be all about work, but luckily it’s something I’m passionate about. Luckily watching, studying, and reporting on sports hardly seems like work,” Cruz said.

Even though your summer may be occupied with summer school, a job or an internship, it’s important to take the time to enjoy your summer break, too. Graduating senior and author, Rebeka Porter will be having fun planning her trip and setting her compass for “The Land of the Rising Sun.”  japan

“I’m looking forward to preparing for my move to Japan. I’m extremely excited about this opportunity to be an assistant language teacher. I’ve been dreaming about this for over a year now,” Porter said.

By the time August creeps up on you, you begin to wonder where the summer went. As it is with every summer, there seems to never be enough time to enjoy all the simple things you were dreaming of sitting at the same desk, in the same classroom, listening to the same professors talk about what you can do with your life if you just apply yourself.

Students and staff want to take a break this summer and forget about their stressful lives. Everybody waits months for summer, enjoy every day of it. Three months to just hang out, have fun and relax in the sun.

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