A Day In The Life

A Day in the Life essay teaches us the difference between actuality in real life and that which we feel is ideal. The reality of our day is shown in the first 10 slides. This shows the gritty side of our lives, the unrehearsed, the messy with no influence on what we want others to see. The next ten slides in the presentation show the filtered side of our lives. Through filters and staging, we have an opportunity to control the content that others see.

Many of us would like to put forth the best part of our lives to others if we have the chance. Those that know us best see the reality of who we are without the filters. They may wish sometimes that we had a permanent filter on how we look and what we say, but they love us just the same. Many of us want to project the very best of who we are, not only in our physical appearance but in reason and intellect. I like to think that every day before I walk out of my house that I look in the mirror before I go out the front door. There are days when I really don’t care what others think, but I have learned from the past, you never know who you’re going to see when you leave your home. On most days I feel I am truthful in my presentation of myself to others. Although there are moments when it has been a bad day and I try to suppress my emotions, fearing it would frighten others away.

Sometimes it is difficult to brush away the feelings of being judged by others. Insecurities bubble to the surface creating needless anxiety in certain situations. At times during the project, there was a feeling in the back of my mind of what would people think when they viewed my presentation. I believe most of us would like to make a good first impression and with no filter on our lives, we have less control over the content that we put out there for others to view. I believe you should take chances in life, it’s the best way to learn. I am still more concerned with what people would say about my character than my appearance.

I like to believe that I don’t judge people based on their appearance, but I’ve witnessed some who obviously don’t spend much time on their appearance. Perhaps they are not interested in what others think or they don’t care or just don’t feel it is worth the effort.

I feel the slideshow only scratches the surface of our lives. Remembering it’s only one day in our lives we are documenting keeps me honest. One lesson I learned from living in California and working around many celebrities, I can tell you that not all of them are that glamorous looking without their makeup and lighting.

I don’t feel that ethics played an immense role in this presentation, as long as we present the truth, flaws and all. One thing I’ve learned so far in life is you’ve got to be yourself. It’s what is on the inside that matters most. Maybe Ayn Rand wouldn’t approve of my messy house but as she says, “I am a man who does not exist for others.”

This is the link to view the short glimpse into my life.   a-day-in-the-life


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