Twitter offers so much

People use Twitter for so many different reasons. As a social connection between friends, announcing an event or following your favorite celebrity, brand or sports. Brands use Twitter as a marketing tool to drive traffic, subscribers, or customers to their website.

The stories I found on Twitter caught my eye because of the photo or headline or sometimes both. There were many stories I found to further develop. The travel ban against certain Muslim countries. Space X posts very exciting videos on the launching of advanced rockets and spacecraft. Also, the Boy Scouts changing its policy on transgender children allowing them to join. These ideas are great because they are current and have the public’s attention right now.

The first brand I followed was the Green Bay Packers because I have followed the team for over 20 years and this keeps me in the loop as to what is happening with the team and its players.

There are so many new ideas, trends, and information out there it makes it easier to stay current. It is a great way to find out more about what interests you and you can get that information 24/7. I haven’t had the need to contact customer service, yet. The top interaction from followers is a tweet I posted about the Presidential elections getting crazy back in September 2016.

The best practices for using Twitter are participating in Twitter chats relevant to your interests. Finding common interests with other followers. Stay current and engage others who are trying to engage with you. You should have specific goals to reach more people. Keep it short and concise, use visuals, incorporate relevant #hashtags, ask questions and run polls.

I plan to use Twitter to stay connected socially. To use it for research on my homework projects. Also as a networking tool by following prospective companies and them following me for a possible career.


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