Finding Facebook more Engaging

If you’re looking for more engagement in the social world of Facebook from friends and followers perhaps trying new methods might work. The posts that receive the most attention use a simple formula, remember your vowels AEIOU and sometimes Y. Action, give your audience a chance to do something. Engage, make them want to respond. Inspire, give your audience something to think about. Outrage your audience with facts and information, allowing them to Understand the issues and sometimes Y it’s happening.

Combining all of these elements make for an interesting post your readers will want to share. The current trending post with over 300k views is an article about Madonna wanting to adopt children from Malawi. This post has interesting content with photos, links, and a good story regarding the issue of celebrity adoption with an opportunity for the reader to respond.

My personal posts have yet to reach the mass audience that Madonna can. I guess my life isn’t as interesting. The most successful post I have so far involves one with photos I posted from a recent outing with my dog, Dolly. It’s great to see responses from people and the likes I get on my photos. I guess a lesson to learn in life, give your audience what they want, something to think about and engage with you.

Visit to Fall Creek Stone Bridge

Image may contain: bridge, tree, plant, outdoor, nature and waterImage may contain: outdoor, nature and waterImage may contain: dog, outdoor and nature
     Another way to engage the world is through Facebook live. This format gives you a way to communicate with others, letting them know what you’re doing right now. Just click on the button and you can go live to your friends, family or the world.
     This new avenue of communication allows you to reach a new audience. It can bring people closer together by sharing their lives with each other. It can also be a great marketing tool for your business. Posts with video content reach the highest numbers in viewing. Trying these new strategies of engagement on Facebook will help us to reach more people and increase our following. Along with your new strategy don’t forget about the trust your followers have in you.
     Don’t offend your audience. Before you share, be aware of the content you pass on to others. Facebook has been under fire lately for allowing “fake news” to appear on its website. They are now taking steps to hopefully correct the problem.
     If a large number of users report a post as “fake news” Facebook algorithms will automatically reduce its visibility in the news feed. When readers alert FB to possible “fake news” stories they will now have outside sources do some fact checking for them to verify the story. The organizations involved so far are ABC News, AP,, Politifact, and Snopes. If the article fails the fact check through these organizations then Facebook will flag it as disputed by 3rd party fact-checkers. This may help to reduce the criticisms from those who don’t see Facebook as a legitimate news source.
     If Facebook is able to legitimize their news feeds, remove those offending sites that may post misleading or potentially unreliable information, then they may succeed in providing a greater percentage of our consumed news. Here is a link to just a few of them.
CNBC looks at some of the biggest top performing fake stories of 2016, using engagement figures from Buzzfeed. 
  • “Pope Francis shocks world, endorses Donald Trump for president” …
  • “Donald Trump sent his own plane to transport 200 stranded marines” …
  • #Pizzagate. …
  • “Ireland is now officially accepting Trump refugees from America”
     As consumers, we also have a responsibility to our followers to check out these stories before re-posting them. We should also check to see if the news source creating the news feed has any credibility at all. It may just be someone providing their opinion and not factual information. “Buyer Beware,” you can’t always hold Facebook accountable. Do some fact checking on your own, even legitimate news sources get it wrong sometimes.
The more factual information we share through our engagement the better we can get to know the problems and issues we face together.

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