Moving Forward

     I hope to see a continued growth of tolerance and acceptance in our country with our newly inaugurated President. It seems that sometimes people need to take two steps back to get a clearer picture of what lies ahead of them. Moving forward is always difficult for some, but I believe all type of change is good. There has always been a slow progression towards equality for all men and women in our country, but we have been moving in a positive direction. We should continue our efforts to make sure that tolerance and acceptance are felt in every corner of this country. We are all responsible for creating our country’s destiny. If you don’t like what you see out the window, take the step forward to positive change and not two steps back. So many citizens of this country have helped to create a path that is wide enough for all of us to walk on together. Let us continue forward on that path to create a better, more tolerant world for all to share.


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