How Involved are you in Social Media?

I have lived a life before social media came to mass attention. There was a time when you wanted to communicate to your friends that you either yelled out the back door or had top pick up the land line phone attached to your parents wall. Such inconveniences! Most people today especially our youth (those under 25) have the technology today that wasn’t available decades ago. This relatively new form of communication has changed the way the world communicates.

The smart phone has now become an appendage to most of us. There is very little chance of getting through our days if the little guy isn’t attached to our physical being. It lies next to you recharging while you are recharging and in the morning you hear the faint tone of beep. beep. beep to start your day. It tells you anything and everything about your day that you might experience. Schedules, appointments, weather, traffic and a myriad of so many personal things I cannot begin to explain.

When I grew up you had to stick your head out the window to know what the weather was going to be like for the day. You didn’t know what your friends were going to be wearing that day to school until you arrived and saw them first hand. Your schedule and appointments were splattered across the refrigerator on little cards just as a reminder. You had to write out little post it notes to yourself and stick them to the bathroom mirror as a reminder to do the laundry, pick up your prescriptions or drop off the movie rental on time.

We now live in an age of immediate communications. Those problems of not knowing the weather or where you are supposed to be or what to wear are all solved in the age of social media. Your link to your friends and the rest of the universe are immediately established with the adoption of social media in your life. Signing up for multiple active media sights puts you in touch with all of your friends. It shows the trends of what to wear, that is if you friends aren’t offering any advice on Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter. Social Media has been embraced by our culture and changed the way people send and receive information. There is no sensor on what we think or feel today, we all have the opportunity to express ourselves with the touch of a keypad.

I hope that most of us still retain the critical skills to engage with others on a face-to-face basis. We should not lose these skills or dummy ourselves to a point that we can no longer have conversations without hiding behind the mask of social media. Social Media has provided us with a great communications tool in which to share our thoughts and for those in our circle to respond back when we need encouragement or empathy. We should not dismiss the past but use the knowledge we have been given to embrace the newer world of social media.


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